Super Bowl Weekend

We needed a place to tie the boat up for a couple of days.  Some repairs were in order, which required quick access to landside facilities. Right below from where I worked, was a small cabin on the river with a small dock.  We had gotten the ok from some friends who rented the space to put the boat there for a few days. The cabin was a small place with maybe 2 or 3 rooms, with lots of character.

At night, you could see into the cabin thru it’s large sliding glass doors, a light shinning into a hole in the middle of the floor of the living room, which was situated on top of the dock. The guys that rented the space would turn the light on and fish for Snook while drinking beer and watching the television. I can still see the luminescence of the green water lighting up that one room.

It was Super Bowl weekend and the locals were all excited because the game was being played, three hours away in Tampa, Florida.  It was the New York Giants playing against the Buffalo Bills.  We had planned to attend a Super Bowl party over at Isle of Capri Sunday night. After spending the day doing chores on the boat, we cleaned up with showers, and then off to the party.

As Super Bowl parties go, there was lots of beer and good food.  We watched the game, made fun of the commercials and talked a lot during half time when Whitney Houston gave her performance. It was a close game; the New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19. The party consisted of fans from both sides, so that kept it interesting.  It was all over around 10pm.  We had a few beers during the evening and were feeling no pain when we headed home.

When we returned to the cabin, it was a gorgeous night. By the looks of the moon, the full moon was about 2-3 days away. The smell of salt permeated the air and the warm breezes were inviting to spend the whole night outside sleeping under the stars. As we walked down the hill toward the cabin, I saw a flash of light.  I was not real sure it wasn’t my imagination.

Our shore power cord from the boat was underwater.  The tide had risen quite a bit and water covered the dock.  As the wind and water moved, the power cord wiggled from left to right allowing water to get into the 110 receptacle, setting off a colorful stream of colors and zapping sounds about every 10 seconds.  We cringed to think of how we were going to unplug that cord, while wading in water up to our knees, without getting electrocuted. Michael decided to climb up the backside of the cabin onto the roof, lie down on his stomach and reach over to the receptacle and disconnect the power cord.

Success! He encouraged me to climb up on the roof as well and ascend the backside of the cabin, down to the dock and over to the boat. As we waded thru the water to the boat, we saw that we had left the hatch open.  All I could think of was heading straight for the bathroom when I got on board.  Beer has a way of going straight thru me and the looks of all that water didn’t help things any.  Michael entered the boat first, and then I followed. Straight to the head I went.

The skirt I was wearing was a tight fitting black denim skirt. It took some doing to work the skirt up so that I could relieve myself. Then I heard something moving around behind me.  As I turned around to look, there was a fat rat looking right at me on the shelf.  Next thing I know, I’m out in the saloon walking quickly back and forth, mumbling “shit, shit, shit”, while pulling down on my tight skirt to get it back in position.

Michael makes a quick B line out of the master stateroom and forward into the hallway.  All I heard was “Rats“! Sure enough there were rats on board.  One was forward and the other was aft. Michael literally climbed up the wall in the hallway.  With a foot and a hand on each side, he climbed up to the ceiling. In disbelief, I just stood there laughing like mad.  This guy looked so silly. I can only imagine how silly I looked, hoping that he didn’t notice.

The rats weren’t too happy that we had spoiled their fun, they knew exactly how they got on board. One ran underneith Michael  and the other ran quickly from the back, both toward the steps and out the companion way.  It took us at least an hour to settle down while we searched the interior over for more visitors. The rising tide had moved the rats to higher ground, our boat.

The following morning I was awakened by the sound of little feet running around on the upper deck.  At first I listened, then I remembered the events from the night before. When I turned to look at Michael, he had his head propped up listening as well.  Then he threw back the blankets, jumped out of bed and ran up top to find that the rats had eaten thru about $600 worth of sheet and halyard lines.

Needless to say, we were more than eager to get back out into the river and drop anchor once again.


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8 Responses to “Super Bowl Weekend”

  1. Terri Says:

    I would have freeked if I had come that close to rats….they just give me the creeps!!! Glad that the two of you were safe and didn’t have to come face to face with any more of their little friends!

    • wenchhandle Says:

      Yes, that creeped both of us out. When on the water, it is imperative that you keep your hatches and ports closed or screened off. Never know what you might let in.

  2. Stacie Says:

    Me too…freak out in a major way…why did it have to be rats? Have a great New Year!

  3. Lynn Says:

    so shannon, how did they get in anyway? off the dock? we see rats on our docks here all the time but i’ve never seen any actually in the water but it makes sense. i laughed when i read about mike climbing the walls as i can almost imagine him doing that.. 😆 i think it would have been difficult for me not to laugh too! oh and…i remember that super bowl well. tampa is about 30-40 mins from me and it was even a madhouse here in my tiny town.

    • wenchhandle Says:

      When the water came up, the rats went for higher ground. My guess is they climbed the pilings and walked across the lines to get on the boat. Later I spoke with other boaters who used pie pans to feed the line thru to act as a barrier to keep large critters off the boat. Never tried it tho. I still laugh today about Michael climbing the walls. Not too many things spook him.
      Hope your feeling better!

      • Lynn Says:

        i’ll always remember about the pie pans now and who i heard about them from…brilliant idea.

  4. frigginloon Says:

    Damn friggin rats, eat your ropes, shit in your sails and poop on your deck (poop deck joke 😦 )

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