Time to Go

The first full day in Marathon was spent as a tourist.  We walked up and down the busy main drag, stopping in to the different shops along  the way.  We came across a large macramé hammock that would work great on the deck while we anchored out, so we had to buy it. As our minds went back to the boat,  we remembered our stowaways and headed for the hardware store to buy a few Raid Bug Smokers.  Those guys had to go!  Once we were back on the boat, we set off the bombs.  A neighbor had stopped over and invited us to dinner which was great.  That gave us enough time to let the smokers do their work.

The neighbors lived on a 26′ power boat that had a carpet of growth on the bottom that surely had roots to the bottom of the water.  These people never took their boat out.  They only stayed there to enjoy to the atmosphere of the marina and to feel the gentle motion of the boat.  The gentlemen that was cooking shared his desire to one day be a chef.  He served us his famous stuffed jalapenos that were out of this world. We later walked down to the end of the point with pina coladas in hand and watched the sun go down. Which was the highlight of the day.

Upon our return to the boat, we opened all of the ports and hatches and let the boat air out. It was a great feeling to be back home and have the boat to ourselves once again, ……….. so we thought.

The next day we were off again to head north.  The marina in Marathon was some what small. As we dropped the lines and proceeded to turn the boat around to head out, many of the residents were standing on the docks waving and yelling good byes. It was the first place we had left where we had so a big farewell that I had tears in my eyes.  The people were all so friendly.



2 Responses to “Time to Go”

  1. Michael Scott Says:

    I remember that hammock almost killed us. You are going to tell that story arn’t you?

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