At Last

The search has come to an end.  We have found the sailboat that we have been looking for. Granted it was out of the country, but this is where the journey gets interesting.  Friday, we closed on the deal and now this vessel is thirsty for some of our attention.  We are eager to get started.


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5 Responses to “At Last”

  1. Lbnassar Says:

    Wow-she IS a beauty! Looking forward to reading about your adventures…

  2. frigginloon Says:

    Can I come, can I come? Oh wait I get seasick…forget about it. Have a great time and can’t wait to hear more stories about the high seas.

  3. quietpaths Says:

    What’s new? Are you working madly on this beauty? Matt looked this boat up on yacht world and found it, so we got to have a sneak peek. It’s gorgeously big!

    • wenchhandle Says:

      Hi QP 🙂 We are still in the states, wrapping up loose ends. Hope to get there around
      the first of the month of August. The boat has been at the boat yard getting the bottom
      painted and the thru hulls cleared out. Formosas have been our boat of choice. We look
      real forward to getting on board and making it home. Will try to post some of the pics
      we have of it.

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