Road Trip From Florida to California

After a month of organizing and getting our affairs in order, it is time to head to Baja to our new home.  A road trip consisting of at least 6 days on the road.

  Doesn’t take much to entertain me.  It’s fun to see what people are doing and where they are going. 

 This group of people peeled out of a small van to have their picture taken in front of this sign at a rest area in…. yes you have it….Mississippi.

Through Louisianna we had blinding rain.  Had to pull off an exit, that only circled underneath a bridge and took you back to the highway headed in the opposite direction. That was counter productive. 

 I was amazed at the people that allow their dogs to ride in the back of their pick up trucks. Don’t they worry about them falling out? Although in the second picture, this guy chained his dog to the truck.

At another rest stop, I spotted this sick looking cat.  I wanted to pick him up and take him with us.  But I figured our peaceful road trip would soon turn into the trip from hell if I put this cat in my car with two large dogs.

How is business going?  Gordon Ramsey would have a field day with this palm tree being in the way of their sign.

 LaCa What?

As we continued driving west across Texas, the landscape began to spread out.  We were a bit concerned when the gas gauge indicated we were getting low on gas and there wasn’t much in the way of civilization in sight, exit after exit.  We had rain storms chase us all day as we kept an eye out for tornados.

As we approached this vehicle on the highway, we weren’t sure what we were looking at.

I find West Texas a bit fascinating with all the wide open areas and character it offers.

Made it to Tuscon, Az last evening. Surprisingly not as hot as it was a month ago.  Rain storms cooling thing off around here.  We watched the news, from our hotel room last evening, about the protesters in downtown Tuscon.  They were protesting the new law that the State of Arizona is putting into effect concerni ang profiling potential aliens.  The mexican people are hot over that issue.  Heard a friend say the other day that the U.S. should have the same laws as Mexico concerning illegal aliens.  Mexico sends aliens back to their own country and doesn’t allow them to take their personal assets with them. Oh well that is another subject entirely. Politics aside, Arizona has a beauty of it’s own.  I love to watch the rock out crops as the sun hits them at various angles.  It is pretty and desolate.



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