Traveling I-8 West

Dry hot sand. Long lines of telephone poles. Wide open horizons filled with sky. Tall, jagged, rocky and sage grass mountains. Waves of heat look like water on long stretches of road.  Boarder patrol at every exit, just sitting a little out of sight. Sage brushes dot the landscape like an infestation of insects.

 Signs read “Turn off AC to keep your car from over heating” & “Radiator Water Filing Station” & ” Border Patrol Check Point 14 Miles“. 

 Climbing in elevation 20 – 4000′. Virtual mountains of ROCKS of all shapes and sizes, boulders. Looks as if all the extra rocks in the world get dumped off up here. Large brown, round rocks . The same rocks that made up the rock character in the story “The Never Ending Story”.   Some are split and fit together like a puzzle.

  I see a sign for Jacumba Exit. There is a rocky knoll off to the left with a dirt road up to the top.  He is sitting in a white SUV, waiting….waiting.?  Jacumba is on the California/Mexico border. He is the Border Patrol watching for someone to cross over to the California side.


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3 Responses to “Traveling I-8 West”

  1. Lynn Says:

    desolate scenery, thanks for letting us tag along on this trip shannon.

  2. wenchhandle Says:

    I know it’s a bit monotonous (sp?). Nothing to do but take shots, misery loves company you know. So here it is. We drove to Baja Mexico Sunday and Monday of last week. I’ll be sharing more pics of desloate scenery soon. Thanks for checking on us :).

  3. Lynn Says:

    thanks for keeping us in the loop! i ususally see your posts on FB first then follow link here.

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