A Glimpse of La Paz BCS, Mexico.

So here we are, one week later sitting on the back of the boat in the hot steamy and breezy air.  Each day as the sun goes down the wind picks up off of the desert and blows, sometimes pretty strong.  It’s warm and sticky.  The only difference is that the sun isn’t beating down on you at the same time.  I hoped to post pics of the drive down the Baja Peninsula and I will.  But for now here are some pics of the area of La Paz.  The name means Peace! As to the boat, I’ll be posting the latest update real soon.

The above pic is of Down Town.  The Sea of Cortez comes right up to the sidewalks on the left.  In the evenings families walk the boardwalk while vendors set up tables and walk the streets selling drinks, food, jewelry and other local charms.

I am told that this boardwalk extends from one end of the city to the next. 

This is one of many stops along the beach after you pass thru town.


Places such as this set my mind to wondering about its history.


Many of the mountains are shaped out of rock.  The roads outside of the city can be rough especially when going around blind curves on the mountain sides.  If you look closely  you will see these shrines set up along the side of the road for the loved ones who have been killed in car accidents. 

 Driving in Mexico is entertaining to say the least.  It is to our disadvantage that we can’t understand many of the street signs.  We have driven up one way roads and have gotten the “what the hell look” with hands wide open from side to side, from the police.  We have driven thru stop signs but learned quickly what signs meant.  In Mexico, the speed limit is mearly a suggestion, as well as the stop signs.  No one actually stops unless it’s a red light.

I liked this walkway. Not sure as to it’s purpose.  It dead ends right into the hill.

At this intersection you can choose to go left to the Ferry that will carry you and your automobile from La Paz BCS to Mazatlan, Mexico on the mainland.  Should you choose to go right you will go directly toward two of the many best beaches around. 

The color of the water is crystal clear blue.

The iron work on the gate at this hotel is just an example of Mexico’s craftsmanship.


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3 Responses to “A Glimpse of La Paz BCS, Mexico.”

  1. Lynn Says:

    well shannon i have thoroughly enjoyed following you two across the country. i worried about you in mexico since there seems to be so much crime there. glad you made it okay. thesepics were great. the beach there is so clean and blue and the rugged rocks remind me of cliff dwellings throughout colorado. the iron gate is spectacular!

    i’ve subscribed to your blog so i will be back when i see you have a new post to continue our journey. 🙂 stay safe.

  2. wenchhandle Says:

    Hey Lynn, always good to see you! La Paz is called the city of Peace. I believe that it is. It is very hard to sort thru all the buzz about this place, but the longer I’m here the more at peace I’ve become. I once heard Dick Clark of all people once say “People are people where ever you go”. And it’s true. We’ve met some of the most kind and help-full individuals here. Most want to learn English and are delighted when you say you are studying Espanol.

  3. tqqdhmhjwev@hotmail.co.uk Says:

    I really like it whenever people come together and share views. Great website, stick with it!

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