A Change in Weather

Wow! Some repreve from the sun. For the past two months the weather has been absolutely hell.Every day over 100 degrees. The sun would come out to a full flame broil at 8 AM until 7PM. The crew has been way past crabby. We’ve only had small “windows” to work on the boat to get it ready for the trip back to the states. That window is usually 7AM-11AM and 7:30PM to 9PM. Those times are even variable due to the heat. Most thankfully we have a tropical depression in the area which has brought clouds. The “Flame” has been subdued. Two days now we have had a break from the full broil. A warning was put out over the VHF radio for tropical storm warning, rain and winds possibly 30-40 knotts. After spending time on the Outer Banks living aboard, these conditions were a typical north-easter. Something I would gladly endure  these days.


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7 Responses to “A Change in Weather”

  1. Michael Scott Says:

    Here, here!

  2. Lynn Says:

    looks like you guys may have more bad weather coming into the western caribbean, tropical storm matthew.. wondering how will that affect you? ~ aside from cooling off the crabby crew. keep us posted.

  3. wenchhandle Says:

    Look forward to it Lynn. Anything but the hot sun. Our plan was to get away from the heat in summers, it’s just taking a while to meet that goal.

  4. quietpaths Says:

    It sounds unendurable. I do hope you keep getting some relief. I guess being there in the winter is better? But you all had little choice. We are curious which route you will take back?

  5. Michael Scott Says:

    The tropical storms that have been off of the coast have taken the “sting” out of the air. Although the heat index is still over 100 everyday. There is more moisture in the air, which helps some.
    When we sail from here we will head over to the west coast of Mexico and head south. We will pass Guatamala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and into Panama and cross the canal. Upon exiting the canal we will head north passed Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatamaula, Nicaragua (I left out from heading south), Mexicos east coast and then at Cancun we will cross north east on the Gulf of Mexico over to South Florida. Weather will dictate our trip. Thankfully we aren’t on any kind of time schedule.

  6. quietpaths Says:

    That is what we thought you would do; the Canal will be an interesting exercise in patience, we have read. And freakin’ expensive! Will you be able to get photos or do they frown on that sort of thing. Wow, what a fascinating trip. Thanks, Michael!

    • wenchhandle Says:

      From what I’ve read there is “the time and place” for photos while going thru the canal. Apparently everyone onboard is required to tend their own boat and they don’t
      want people taking pics when they need to be watching out for their own vessels. We will have to hire “line handlers” when we get there. They say that it is a possibility
      that your boat can be put in a loch with an ocean liner and when the water is released into the loch it can cause quite a suction and everyone needs to be on
      alert. The best senario would be to get into a lock with other boats close to your size. I will be taking pics when I can.

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