Miles of Varnish

There seems to be miles of teak to sand and varnish.  Luckily there isn’t many layers of old finish to remove before I start varnishing.  As I began prepping the wood, I found myself looking at the job ahead and determining the number of hours it was going to take to complete just one stretch of  rub rail.  My heart sunk in hopes that I could make it pretty fast.  This is a job that is going to take some time and patience.


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4 Responses to “Miles of Varnish”

  1. quietpaths Says:

    Shannon, that IS a lot of teak. I guess you will be the teak master from here on out. Take heart, it’s looking very pretty!

  2. quietpaths Says:

    Like caramel; in that heat it is still that thick? I don’t know a thing about varnish except watching my Dad refinish.

    • wenchhandle Says:

      Epifane is the brand. It’s not so thick. You have to stir it before using, which feels odd after years of being careful not to get bubbles in the mix. I worked on boats
      for almost 15 years before we moved to the mountains. Products change alot in five years times. The finished color is a honey brown and it deepens with each additional coat.

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