It wasn’t until last week, the middle of October, that there was a noticeable change in the weather.  The evenings began to cool way down into the 60’s while during the day the highs have been  in the 80’s.  A new-found source of energy begins to emerge from each of the crew members.  We are starting our days with a rapid row out to the first set of markers in the channel outside the marina and back to the boat.  An exercise that is aiding in this fight against last winters storage of fat. 

 The rest of the day is spent working on the boat, marking off one item at a time from the list of “Things to Do Before Heading South”. 

Michael has been working on re-wiring the boat ever since we got aboard.  It has been a real “rats nest”.  Not to mention the rigging issues.  Lucky for us this guy can figure almost anything out if it has to do with mechanics or electronics.  After re-wiring the start switch, he started up the engine.  It was the first time I had heard it run.  It was good to hear the Perkins start and run like a new engine.  It was one more thing on the list that was completed and put my mind at ease.

People are starting to filter into La Paz since the weather has been getting cooler up north.  Next week a fleet of boats will be arriving from the San Diego area in a flotilla called the Baja Ha Ha.  Many stories have emerged from this annual event.  One of which includes the history of our boat. 

 Numberous cruisers get together and pay a fee to be a part of this cruise south each year.  Last year was considered a rough journey south.  Apparently “the call” was made to run in rough weather.  Many boaters tucked into safe harbors while others were “shamed” into continuing on, others that weren’t real experienced boaters ran into rough seas and strong winds, taking some hard licks on their vessels along the way.  Our boat in particular had a family of five on board.  Once they got to their destination the decision was made to sell the boat of which they had only owned for maybe 3 or 4 months. 

 It is sad to hear of such stories.  Much time and energy is put into owning a boat, not to mention getting ready for a 1000 mile run.  As history dictates, many boats make it to Cabo San Lucas the southern tip of Baja or even around to La Paz only to be put on the market as soon as they arrive.  Now that the Baja Ha Ha 2010 is now underway, my wish for every cruiser is that they have fair winds and clam seas.


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6 Responses to “Finally”

  1. quietpaths Says:

    I really like the photo of you in the rowboat. I’m glad to hear things are progressing now. Having a motor working is good!

  2. quietpaths Says:

    Hi there, it feels odd knowing you are all the way down there and yet we can still converse! Isn’t technology sumpin’! No, not terribly cold; in the forties. I cannot wait for news on your initial sail. I bet it will be a real thrill after all the work you’ve done.

    • wenchhandle Says:

      Technology is great. The individual who owns the local “wifi connections/satellites” here in Mexico, owns a large yacht. It is said that when he travels to other
      ports in Mexico and discovers there is no wifi there, he makes it available for the area. Many “gringos” have the mobile connections although they are not real
      reliable. It’s great if it works but if there’s a problem with it, it’s difficult to remedie. Why I don’t know. We pick up intermittened signals from our marina. Don’t
      know what we will pick up as we head south.
      As to our first sail…I’ll keep you posted :). Stay warm and check out my for a soup recipe that I discovered in my Mexican
      cook book.

  3. lynn Says:

    michael does seem to be tied up in that pic. i’m not sure… is that work or pleasure? *smile*.. it’s been awesome for us to be able to follow your dream from afar.

    shannon are you taking vids? it would be incredible to see videos. (hint)

    • wenchhandle Says:

      Hi Lynn, so sorry to take so damn long to respond. My personal computer has been out of commission and I’m not at my best these days in cyperspace.
      Wished I’d taken advantage of Michael all tied up in that harness. Afterthought, the things I could have bribed him with :). It’s hard to believe we are
      living “our dream”. Think it will feel more like reality once we are out and sailing. And Yes, we’ve got an HD video camera. Will work on upgrading on
      WP so we can share them all. How are things coming along in “your end of the woods”?

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