Winding Up or Down

Winding Up or Winding Down is the question. After arriving in La Paz 5 months and 15 days later the question still hangs in the air “When are you heading back to the states?”.

During our 5 month stay we have met so many interesting people and each one has a unique story to share as to how and why they are here. We have met people from all over the world, some are young and some are not so young. Some got caught up in the lifestyle and never went anywhere else. Many leave and come back.

 The sunsets on the water and wildlife are like no other place in the world. It is said that there is no other place that has so much diversity in sea life. But the land is all desert/dirt and cactus. Since we have arrived, we have not witnessed one full day of rain, clouds maybe. With the climate being so dry, I can’t tell if I’m getting older faster with each new wrinkle in my skin or if my body is just thirsty formoisture.Probably a little of both.

The boat needed more attention than we expected. Issues are being addressed as we are “seeing a light at the end of the tunnel”.  We have needed the help of services in the community and have bonded with many of the locals.  It would be a huge asset if we could speak the language. This stay can be considered a crash course in Spanish. I feel like a child straining to learn and understand. Ignorance has taken a place within me and it’s not a good feeling. I will have much more respect for those who are in a strange land and can not speak the language. Those that are helping us with our repairs have gone out of their way to make our stay more pleasant, many have invited us into their homes during the holidays. When we depart from here a piece of my heart will be left behind.

As it looks this week, we are marking off items on the “To do list”, and we are studying the weather and tide patterns more. The feeling is like standing on the beach watching the sets of waves come in while waiting for the perfect time to jump in. I’d like to think we are winding up to jump in.


2 Responses to “Winding Up or Down”

  1. Gene Bacon Says:

    Wow..nice to read about all your chores and the work you are still doing on the boat:-)

    Find myself coming here each night to try to keep up with your adventures..

    Scottie, my boy…you are leading a good life.


    • wenchhandle Says:

      Hi Gene, This is Shannon…Scotties Wife. Thanks for stopping in. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner we are “all over the road” these days espcially with the wifi connection and our project.
      Glad your enjoying the read. Take care. 🙂

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