Quick to Adapt

Last year when we told our 16-year-old we were selling our home and moving on to a boat I thought he was going to come unglued.  His past with sailboats, while in Boy Scouts, was a negative experience and we weren’t real sure how he was going to adapt.  Well today he just piloted a 40′ boat out of the bay into the channel to the marina where we are docked.  The owner left the helm to him and he took it all the way into the slip while Michael and I watched and held our breath.  He did a fantastic job and acted like he had been on boats all of his life.  Since we have been here he has befriended many other boater teens and they have taught him how to sail, at the expense of their own sailing dingies.  But Mike is a fast learner and actually loves sailing.  Now that we are close to our 3,000 nautical mile cruise we are relieved that this will be something that he will enjoy.


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One Response to “Quick to Adapt”

  1. Donna Says:

    I am glad he is enjoying it.

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