Halcyon Waits in Baja Til Hurricane Season is Over.

The tropics are heating up and the storms are starting to brew. Not a good time to head south to Panama for Halcyon and her crew.

The choice has been made to sail around in the Sea of Cortez and get more familiar with the boat.


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3 Responses to “Halcyon Waits in Baja Til Hurricane Season is Over.”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Maybe you’ll get that much deserved rain you’ve been waiting for. I think holding off is a good plan but then again, I’ve never been on a boat that big!

  2. Kim Wolf Says:

    wow sounds hot ..hope you guys are doing well stay safe and cool ,hope we can see you guys soon ! Kim and Fidel

    • wenchhandle Says:

      Hi Kim! Yes, it’s starting to warm right up here. We are doing great. La Paz is a wonderful place. You two should come down for a visit before it gets too hot. We’d love to show you around. I had no idea Mexico was so beautiful. How are you all doing? Big hugs, Shannon

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