At Anchor

We’ve been sitting on the anchor now for about 3 weeks. It has been great. When ever we need something from the store we take the dingy to shore. The ride is about 10 minutes depending on who’s driving. It’s it little Mike it’s a 3 minute trip and if it’s Michael (Dad) it’s about 10 minutes. Fast trips to shore with Mike have been fun and painful. He pulled the dingy up to the boat last week and touched the trottle just as I had started to reach for the rubrail of the sailboat. The dingy lunged forward and I slipped off the seat and onto the floor at Mikes feet in a flash, landing on my backside. Mike got to laughing so hard that the words “I’m so sorry Mom” were almost unrecognizable. It was funny.

For the past two weeks Michael has been working on the watermaker to try to get the system to produce water under 600 ppm (parts per million) It was producing water for awhile under 400 ppm. Then the system picked up some oil or debris and it hasn’t worked right since. He thought since we were anchored in an area where there is a consistant tide and current that debri such as oil would’nt be an issue, but it was. So Mike has been hauling water jugs to the boat for washing up and drinking.

 The nearby marina sells showers at 15 pesos each, which has been nice. There is a sign in the showers that asks people to keep their hot water showers down to 5 minutes. It states that some people in La Paz only get water 3 times a week and it’s at night. After reading that I stopped feeling sorry for myself and very thankful for that 5 minute shower. Due to the watermaker issue, we haven’t been out sailing. Hopefully today Michael will remedy the problem and we can be “up and running” again.

 Our refrigerator and freezer quit working last week. I had to throw out several pounds of ground beef and chicken. We are now using blocks of ice that we buy from shore to keep our drinks and foods cold. Luckily I can start the generator to vacuum out the water once the ice melts. The freezer needs a drain plug so that we can drain it into the bilge.

 Other than the on going rewiring of the electrical system, everything else is working fine. It wasn’t until the other day when I was working on our budget did I realize that for the month of May we have been almost totally self sufficient. If we didn’t need water and ice from shore, we would be totally self sufficient. That is a nice thought!


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12 Responses to “At Anchor”

  1. quietpaths Says:

    This has been such an interesting story to follow. A water maker has to work, of course. I didn’t know you even had one. I hope it doesn’t get to awfully hot down there too quickly. You all take care and tell Mike to take it easy on the throttle! LOL

    • wenchhandle Says:

      Finally got the watermaker working….Yee High! Didn’t realize how much I depend on water until there is no water. The heat index is over 100 these days. We are in motion to get out of here
      until October, just too hot! I’ll pass the word on to Mike to take it easy. 🙂

  2. Lynn Says:

    Well alrighty then. I guess I’ll quit complaining that my doorman wasn’t there to open my door as I headed out to breakfast this morning. (I’m still working on that self sufficiency thing.) Btw, I love your posts and think it’s totallay awesome about being self sufficient. My heros!

    Wow, $1.28 to shower for 5 mins? Is there a towel boy involved?

    • Michael Scott Says:

      I’m her towel boy Lynn.

    • wenchhandle Says:

      Hey Lynn, We always want to “cut the apron strings” so to speak as far as being self sufficient. It takes a bit of planning but once your there your there. As far as the towel boy goes…..nope theres not one. I just was jazzed to have a shower. The marina here is really nice owned by Gringos who cater to the needs of cruisers. They must have been cruisers themselves.

  3. Lynn Says:

    I’m thinking of you both right now. 🙂

    • wenchhandle Says:

      What cha thinking girlfriend? How are things going for you guys? I think of you often. We have a virginmobile usb adapter for internet and some of us don’t share very well. 😦 Might have to get one of my own so that I can get on the net WHENEVER I want. Ha!

      • Lynn Says:

        Just wondering how you are and when you’ll be able to get back out to sea. Then I thought, hurricane season is upon you now so it may be after November eh? I’ll be back in Florida after Septmeber. Maybe we can hook up for a nice frozen margarita then. I’ll keep checking back. Y’all take care now.

      • wenchhandle Says:

        LYNN! So sorry girlfriend. I didn’t see where you had posted on my blog. Please don’t think I am avoiding you.
        First of all you mentioned Vonage. How cool is that? We’ve been using Magic Jack the same way. Only our internet was sketchy at times making it hard to make calls.
        So your coming back after September? OF COURSE we shall meet up! Keep us updated as to your return. I find now that I’m back in the states my reading skills are lacking . Spent 11 mos. not being able to read or understand
        public signs. Now that I’m back in the states there’s words everywhere. More input than I care to have. 🙂 Michaels stomach has yet to settle out.
        Oh…we are in Florida again.
        Lets email;

      • Lynn Says:

        We are using Vonage with a Florida number which gives us International calling to anywhere in 122 countries for “free”. Even if we call out of the state of Florida -it’s free. So we call the states regularly to see what’s going on there. Every once in a blue moon when we dial out our calls dont go through but then we hang up and try again and it’s successful. A small price to pay for Global calling though. Did I mention- it’s free? 🙂

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