Last Few Days of the Year


Wednesday -Dec. 21, 2011
It’s the time of year where people get stressed and anxious, especially those who don’t have much in the world.  I think the holiday season is only a reminder. People say to be extra vigilant and watch your wallets.

We were approached today by a man .  He asked me for “Mike” as I walked passed him at the Cruisers Club morning coffee. He told me that he did work on my boat during the past summer and demanded that he get paid for it.  Said we owed him $5,000 pesos ($373).  Our boat was left in the care of a man
that had done much work for us over the previous year.  We were surprised to hear that he might have hired someone to work on our boat and not pay him, or tell us about it.  We told the man, Rafael, that we would have to talk with our man first.  He seemed ok with that.

Everything is coming together for us to depart from this place soon and the news that we might have to pay this individual this amount of money would keep us here another month. We weren’t very happy about the situation.

Thursday – December 22, 2011
Weather report states that a Nor-Easter is about to blow hard Friday thru Sunday.  Our engine was taken apart to get to the thermostat.  Sitting on the anchor out in the anchorage makes it an uneasy feeling not being able to start the motor should we need to during the blow. 

Our mechanic friend came out to the boat today to button the engine back up until our part arrives.  We tell him about our encounter with Rafael. 

Our mechanics reaction went from puzzled to surprised, to upset to really upset.  He began begging me to not pay this man.  “Por favor Ms. Shannon, Por favor Ms. Shannon, Por favor Ms. Shannon.”.

 He was standing in the wheel house where Michael was working doing some carpentry.  He backed up and sat right on top of the boxes of screws and fasteners.  His eyes filled with tears as he shook his head back and forth in disbelief.  He reminded us of a time in this past year
when some of the “locals” were jealous that he had work.  He said people were trying to cause problems for him.  He is a hard worker and is willing to go beyond the “call of duty” to get things accomplished. His belief is “If you don’t want to pay me for the work I’ve done, then don’t pay me.” Unfortunately, a occassional boater has stiffed him. 

Since we are the foreigners here, our espanol is very limited.  Our mechanic speaks very good english but sometimes things get lost in translation.  We assured him that we wouldn’t do anything without speaking to him first and that we were amigos (friends).

  Before he left the boat he said he was going to pay Rafael a visit and ask him ” what side do you want the blow on?”.    Our mechanic is an x-boxer, don’t think I would want to make him mad.

By the way, today I was determined to try out the pressure cooker pot I bought a year ago. Was anxious about using it since they had a reputation for exploding.  But since we’ve been on the boat I have read how cooking with these pots saves fuel, less cooking time. 

 So I had a cold beer, followed the directions and cooked beans for chili.  It went really well. The more I use this pressure cooker, the more at ease I will be. 

Friday 12-23-11

3AM I am awake.  The wind has clocked around and is gusting hard out of the north.  My son walks into our cabin and asks for the Excedrin.  He went to bed with a migraine that didn’t go away as he expected.  I do a few rounds of hot and cold compresses to help him relax.  It’s 5 am now.
I think he got back to sleep.

 The seas are rocking and rolling as the brass lamp above the galley table swings back and forth. Thought that would bother me but I hardly notice it any more.  The sound of the anchor chain rubbing on the anchor base vibrates the boat each time it comes in contact.  The water hitting
the side of the boat is relaxing but the motion of the boat twisting from side to side makes me unsteady when I’m getting around the boat.  Better get use to that too.  We are in it for at least 3 days this time. Not sure we will be able to go ashore to celebrate the holiday with friends. It’s a “wait and see”.



2 Responses to “Last Few Days of the Year”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I’m sorry I missed this post when it came out. I do enjoy reading about your adventures. One day I’m going to make it to wherever you happen to be. Meeting you and Michael would be a highlight of my life! Hope to hook up before I go back to Thailand.

    • wenchhandle Says:

      No doubt Lynn! We are looking forward to meeting you two as well. I’m not online as much as SOME OF US, like my husband Michael. So if I don’t respond very quick to emails know that I will in time. When are you heading back to Thailand?

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