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Back in Action


We have been back in the water for six days now.  It was such a wonderful relief to put the boat back in the water.  It was like getting her out of jail.  Our dog had spent a week living out of her dog crate like a real dog.  It was impossible to bring her on board while the boat was on the hard, out of the water. Once it was splashed she ran down the dock with her tail wagging.  She wasn’t the only happy one.  Now you might ask me “just what are we looking at here?”.  We motored the boat out to the bay and dropped the anchor in a less populated area.  As the anchor was being dropped, Michael marked the spot where it went down.  Below is a picture of our GPS that has the feature of  where the wind has taken us.  It’s amazing the anchor and chain isn’t in one big knot under the boat.  We have had strong winds out of the south that clocked around out of the north and we are still holding strong. The diagram below looks like we have had sharp rough turns, but it has been a gentle glide and rocking motion the entire time. Life is good. 🙂


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